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Eisho Sasaki (painter, Hokkaido, Japan) 1913-2012 and Kushiro Sitsugen Art Museum.

Eisho Sasaki mostly drew the Nature of East Hokkaido. In addition, he contributed to the promotion of three national parks: Akan, Shiretoko and Kushiro Marshland . A permanent exhibition shows his many works and a wide variety of documents. You can also observe Japanese cranes through the year in Akan International Crane Center, next to this Museum

Eisho Sasaki Literary Works

Books on his paintings and fishing in the north, sightseeing posters,essays ,travel sketches,etc.

Brief Personal History

Eisho Sasaki was born in Hokkaido , Japan in 1913. He was a self taught artist who painted wild landscapes of Hokkaido.Since he was very young .be supported himself by working at lithography company in all fields of paintings. He was especially found of oil painting based on the theme of the natural features of East Hokkaido.Hepainted everything from his mind’ eye.

1963(his fiftys)

He mainly traveld overseas to visit museums, collect data and enjoy fishing in the Soviet Union, the Middle East. South America and other Europian countries.

1973(his sixties)

The artist focused on setting up exhibitions of his works in Hokkaido.Ginza(Tokyo).Yokohama(Kanagawa)and many other places.

1983(his seventies)

The “Kushiro Station Gallery” was opend in Japan Rainlways Hokkaido Kushiro Station and devoted to Eisho Sasaki’s artwork.

1993(his eighties)

Valious exhibitions were herd at the Kushiro Station Gallery.

2006(his nineties)

He gave an exhibition at the Royal Salon in Ginza Tokyo, that was on display for three years.


The Kushiro Station Gallery was closed.


Total nine exhibitions were held in East Hokkaido.


January 11th .he passed away at the age of 98.

Kushiro Shitsugen Art Museum

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