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★New strategy of “TOURISM NATION” NIPPONーExplore overseas market!

The Opinions series of Professor Suzuki NO.5,2015/03(NC communications ⇒NO.5
★Prescription for  “TOURISM NATION” NIPPON
ーGambare !  Local government & local community-
The Opinions series of Professor Suzuki NO.4,2013/03(NC communications)⇒NO.4
★A Study of  “TOURISM NATION” NIPPON for Beginners -Practical edition-
The Opinions series of Professor Suzuki NO.3,2011/07(NC communications)⇒NO.3
★ “TOURISM NATION” NIPPON ! Learn Overseas Countries.
(As a Tourism Developing Nation. Japan Should Learn from Abroad)
The Opinions series of Professor Suzuki NO.2,2009(NC communications)⇒NO.2
The Opinions series of Professor Suzuki NO.1,2008(NC communications)⇒NO.1

鈴木教授の観光学オピニオン・シリーズ NC Communications. Prof.SUZUKI’s TOURISM Opinion Series

★[ International Tourism Promotion-The future of Asia & the Pacific   2000]
★ 「TOURISM NATION CHINA & EXPO Shanghai」2011/01(J.F. Oberlin Univ.)
★「China Information Handbook2010-2011」『Information on Tourism in China』2010/11(Sososha)
★ 「Super Big Country, China in the futureーFoundation After 60 years ー」2010/03(J.F.Oberlin Univ.)
★ A Study of Cities「International Competitive Strategies of Tourism  Promotion
―Study from overseas cases―」(Osaka) (2007)
★「Our system of Tourism Nation Japan-Studying overseas cases-」KOBE Univ. (2007)
★ A TOURISM STUDY for the Beginers [Koyoshobo]2006/04
★ 「Tourism Nation CHINA in the Future」Doyukan (2006/02月)
★ Present and Future of Big country of China(J.F.Oberlin Univ.2005/10)
★「The Study of Tourism Statistics」University of KOBE (2005)
★「New Edition Guidebook of Travel Industry] JAFIT:(Doyukan 2004)

★[How to become University professor after 55 years old(2003)]
★[ How to get along well with the Chinese   1997]
★[ How to survive and thrive in China   1995]
★[ Laws in the country of the Koalas   1986]

★書評 [JSTHE日本観光ホスピタリティ教育学会12号]「やさしい日本語とやさしい英語でおもてなし」(2019年2月)
★論文『これからの港湾とみなと総研への期待ー30年の港湾の歩みを踏まえてークルーズ・観光ー』(みなと総研)2017年10月AUTUMN NO.17
★『JAPAN’S Direction for “TOURISM NATION” 』(CASINO JAPAN)2014/02  ➡ [ カジノ IR ジャパン]
★「Vitalization by TWOWAY TOURISM!-a case study of Cairns, Australia-」(『SHISEI』2013/10)
★「Innovation and Transport in the travel Industry」『Structure Innovation for Channel and Management
at the travel industry in Japan』「Transport and Economics」(2010/05)

★(MLIT)「New Economic-Social structure at the Asian global structure system」
(For the Establishment of JAPAN-CHINA-KOREA exchange region )
★Ibaraki-Pref.「FORM」『How to promote FOOD-Tourism』NO.22(2009/02)
★「World Tourism and Travel  competitive Ranking and TOURISM NATION Japan」―Through the examining of Japan’s Position No.25―』
(Osaka University of Tourism  Mar.,2008)
★International Tourism Promotion by Utilizing Food Tourism (Osaka University of Tourism  Mar.,2007)
★「The Soft-Infra at the field of Tourism around the Japan Sea」Toyo Univ.2007/3
★「A Study of International Tourism Promotion by Loosening of VISA Issuance」(Osaka University of Tourism  Mar.,2004)
★『My Vitalization Plan of The Kansai Area and the Kansai Airport』Organised by South-Osaka Univ. Consortium ・
(「Silver Prize 」
★『A Study of Overseas Package Tours at the Decline Stage : A Case Study of Product Life Cycle
(Osaka University of Tourism  Mar.,2003)
★『The present overseas package tours in China and a tour comparison between Chinese and Japanese
(The Japan Society for Interdisciplinary Tourism Studies. No.1・Nov.,2002)
★A study of the strategies for tour planning -The age of international tourism in 21st century-
(Osaka University of Tourism  Nov.,2002)
★The change of distinctive strategies on the tour package brochures -A research of the LOOK JTB brand-
(June,2001・NO.38 Japan Academic Society of Tourism)
★The Risk Management at the International Travel Business A Study of Japanese Travel Industry in the 21st Century
((Osaka University of Tourism April,2001)
★The Change of tourism and promotion policies at main countries under the Monetary Crisis(A Study of Asian tourism)
(Osaka University of Tourism April,2000) 


[Others-Newspapers etc.]
NEW![15th IFNAT in ANTONG]Int’l Tourism and the COVID-19 Pandemic – The Impact and Revitalizing-
The Impact of the Global Pandemic on Regional Cooperation in Northeast Asia and the Pacific]
NEW! [NEANET・OOA新研究会](ミニWEB講演・発表PPT)「新型コロナ収束と“観光立国ニッポン”」(2020年8月27日)
★「新型コロナ収束と地方観光振興(1)~(3) [(週刊農林「農林抄」](2020年7月25日~3回連載中)
★ NHKニュースへの提言「クルーズ船・新型コロナ感染者統計の記載方法」(2020年4月下旬-5月中旬)
★  国土交通省港湾局(お手伝い)「海洋周辺地域における訪日観光の充実・開拓及び魅力向上事業」(2020年4月~6月)
NEANET第28回研究フォーラム「日本からみた一帯一路」『「一帯一路構想を取り巻く国際観光と観光立国ニッポン」』ミニ発表&パネリスト(2019年11月8日)全体概要  発表PPT
2019年北東アジア国際観光会議 in ハルピン(哈尔滨)[2019年8月31日ー9月1日]
基調講演(添付:中国語・中文简体)「北東アジアの観光振興(How to promote tourism in North East Asia)
NEW! 北東アジア経済発展国際会議in 新潟(NICE)2019 (2019年1月30日)
[概要](日本文-概要)(英文)(PPT) (日本文‐発表)
[概要]  (日本文)(英文)(PPT)
★DVD3巻監修「BBC ニッポンの旅ージョアンナ・ラムレイが見た日本ー」BBC+丸善出版(2017年11月)(岩波) (YOUTUBE)

★「The needs of customers is the best」(The Yomiuri  News paper『Ronten論点』2013/7/12
<News papers series>2011-2012(1year)「Monthly report of Regional Banks Association of Japan」

「The cases of Vitalizing Areas by Tourism」Until 2012/9
<News paper series ><Komei news paper>2009/11-2010/ 08.31 times/Weekly
[Local Vitalization.Road  to the Tourism Nation Japan ]
★「YOKOSA! JAPAN Tourism Nation and Business chance of medium-small firms」Resona Bank(2009/01




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